Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hallo... I Love You!

Although the term ear-bleed has been an ongoing staple in describing indie rock outfits that suit our fancy, we quite often neglect to detail our much-welcomed toothache when it comes to the sweetest of electronic pop. Tonight we have a perfect example of what happens to be an adored sound with Hallo... I Love you!, a Liverpool, UK music project that formed almost exactly one year ago. Musicians Chris McIntosh of 28 Costumes, Andy Donovan from Elle S'Appelle (who we featured in September 2007), Robert Whiteley and AnnaMarie Owens have a brand new debut single that will will be made available through their very own label Rekord Meister on March 8, 2010. A brief description of you can expect from a purchase of the new release quoted in the press release we received... how lovely is this?

"The single, Walk Me To The Sea will be released on deepest sea-blue 7” vinyl on March 8th 2010. It will be presented to you inside lovingly hand made fuzzy-felt bags complete with under-the-sea themed fuzzy felt shapes with which you can design your own sleeve and have 'insane' and 'endless' amounts of fun in the process! The release will also be available through all decent download sites."

For additional listening and information, visit the Hallo... I Love You! MySpace page and also plan a visit to Sheffield venue Bungalows And Bears for the next live performance tomorrow night, February 19. The band was kind enough to supply us with the B-side from this new single and we now have the fortunate pleasure of forwarding it straight into your ears. Stringent beats accompanied by a lightly threaded hint of classic 80s fare in the vocals and we are in the bag for sure. Here you go...

MP3: What Does It Mean?

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