Saturday, September 08, 2007

Elle s'appelle

The last time we visited the Merseyside area of northwest England for music, we were delighted to find a band whose presence has since received plenty of attention [July 2006 review + download]. This time around we have another wonderful find in a guitarless trio of artists who might just be the new darlings of an area that is constantly submerged in great musical offerings. Elle s'appelle is a three piece pop outfit consisting of members Andrew Donovan (vocals,bass), Lucy Blakeley (keyboards,vocals) and Owen Cox (drums) from Liverpool UK. For additional tracks and the band's live performance schedule, stop in for a visit to the Elle s'appelle MySpace page. Since they have yet to create an official website that I am aware of, the most updated information you can find is available on their MySpace blog. Elle s'appelle plays tomorrow night at local Liverpool venue Barfly (formerly The Masque). I would love to see this band live.

MP3: She Sells Sea Shells

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Olivia said...

Good that they have been getting promoted well.