Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Sugarettes

One of the first artists we featured to kick off 2007 was an excellent indie rock quartet from the Netherlands [January 07 review + download]. The track posted then was part of a 4 song EP, Sugarette City, by a band that had us hoping they would follow through with their promise of a full length release by year's end. As our good fortune would have it, a brand new offering is now complete and will be available in only a matter of days. As mentioned in our previous review, The Sugarettes are a four piece outfit consisting of members Joep van Son (guitar/vocals/melodies), Iskaa (vocals/guitar/), Marnix van den Broek (percussion/programming/vibes) and Cox Dieben (bass/vibes) from Eindhoven, Netherlands. Each of the members have been performing in various local/regional bands for years (most notably Iskaa with her current mainstay Foam) and have recently found a collective home for their brand of energetic indie rock.

Love and Other Perversities
is the title of the new album which is set to be released through Groningen based label Subroutine Records (Subroutine MySpace) who added the band to their lineup earlier this year. Production duties were handled by Lucien Kleintjens of another local music project, Bad Cheetah. After first listening to the two new tracks featured today, it was easy to realize this new material as an impressive and natural extension of the previous EP. As the spirited cheer that begins Ready Steady winds itself into the body of the song, it becomes evident that the Sugarettes are willing to depart from the early 90s sound that is threaded so nicely through much of their music. Enola Gay (don't worry, it is not a cover of that awful OMD song from 1980) brings the band back to familiar ground as strong hints of sonicyouthesque goodness prevail. If these two songs are any indication, the new release will be a treat. Take a listen...

MP3: Ready Steady
MP3: Enola Gay

The CD release party will serve as the band's next live performance date as they travel 2 hours north to Groningen venue Vera Club on October 4th. For more music and information, visit both The Sugarettes MySpace page and The Sugarettes website. This band is highly recommended.


kevin said...

saw you in Great Harwood and thought you were GREAT! (Especially the Bass player).

Anonymous said...

im not sure "awful" is the most accurate way to describe OMD's Enola Gay. i could also be completel wrong. something tells me i'm not.

4casey4 said...

I just was never an OMD fan. The music reminded me of high school spring break type movies even back then. I suppose there IS value in that?

This video was hard to stomach.