Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trembling Blue Stars

So I've been in bed with a cold for most of the past week and haven't really thought much about posting music. Recently, a few strong recommendations for today's artist were thrown my way so I mustered up the energy to pay attention for a few moments. Glad I did. Judging by the number of previous releases and myspace page views, I can probably guess it a safe bet that some of you have heard or are at least aware of this band. In case you are not familiar, Trembling Blue Stars are an experimental indie pop outfit from Brighton, UK consisting of founder Bobby Wratten (guitar, vocals), Keris Howard (bass), Beth Arzy (vocals) and Jonathan Akerman (drums, percussion). This music project, and subsequent band, began as the solo undertaking of Wratten in 1995. For those who remember the few good artists who ended up inhabiting the Sarah Records lineup during the late 1980's, Bobby Wratten's previous incarnation with The Field Mice might ring a few bells. In 1996 Trembling Blue Stars began releasing albums through UK based LTM Recordings (LTM Myspace) and have continued more recently as a part of Spanish label Elefant Records (Elefant Myspace). The latest full length offering titled The Last Holy Writer was made available earlier this year and is receiving plenty of critical praise. This track is beautiful...have a listen.

MP3: Say Goodbye To The Sea

As if the xylophone and warmly expressive cello line in that song were not enough, there is another track titled November Starlings from the latest release in the form of a Youtube video featured below. Also be sure to visit the Trembling Blue Stars Myspace page for more information and music. Enjoy.

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Mr Rossy said...

Oh dear, i hope you get better soon, the trembling blue stars have a very soothy quality, so i'm sure they'll help. Great stuff !!!