Thursday, September 20, 2007

Snow Coloured Kid

Last week we featured indie pop artist Ragnhild Hogstad Jordahl who has a previously released EP through Limoges, France based Anorak Records. While poking around on the Anorak MySpace page for more information, we found another musician that piqued our interest. After checking around a bit more, we discovered a recent review on Indie MP3 and were amazed that we neglected to listen on one of our regular visits. Snow Coloured Kid is the one man music project of Anssi Konttinen from Kotka, Finland along with three additional musicians/friends to round out the full band. The track featured today belongs to a self titled debut EP that was released April 2007 through the above mentioned Anorak Records. For some reason, the song structure here kind of reminds me of Game Theory's 1986 album Big Shot Chronicles and that is more than a good thing... however random the comparison may seem. For more music we can easily recommend from the EP, and to send a compulsory friend request, visit the Snow Coloured Kid MySpace page. It's all very good.

MP3: I Hope You're On My Side

As an added bonus, the following is a 2006 untitled demo track from Snow Coloured Kid that just so happens to be another excellent guitar pop song.

MP3: Untitled (Demo 2006)

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