Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hate Everything You Hate

The days are ending earlier as the boil of summer makes way for the promise of a dank new season. I can almost taste my past as the leaves change colors around me and music is no exception to this phenomenon. For some strange reason, I associate shoegaze with Autumn, so today's raw demo makes for a perfect start to this brand new week in September. Hate Everything You Hate is the one man, DIY music project of 33 year old Tsuyoshi from Tokyo, Japan. When listening to the new demo track Kisses Bloomed we have featured today, you might notice a traditional take on footware fixation accompanied by a sonic boom lowered through your chest via Tsuyoshi's bass guitar. If this is a demo, I can't wait to listen to the finished product. For more music, information and to add a new friend, visit the Hate Everything you Hate MySpace page. There is also an HEYH Audioleaf profile with an older song. This is good stuff... take a listen.

MP3: Kisses Bloomed


Anonymous said...

This has potential. Nice.

Mark AR

Olivia said...

You're a lyricist at heart