Saturday, September 01, 2007

Nyles Lannon

N. Lannon, or Nyles Lannon, is an artist we have been following for quite some time. In case you are not familiar, Nyles was once the guitarist/frontman for San Francisco, California based outfit Film School. Beyond his departure from that ongoing project, there are a couple of solo releases that serve to highlight his penchant for both experimental electronica and folk guitar (folktronica). The combination of these two styles are rarely presented in a manner that we can recommend for listening, but whenever Mr. Lannon comes out with new music we are prepared for something exceptional. The upcoming full length, 11 track CD Pressure will be available September 18 through the Badman Recording Co. (Badman MySpace). You can also get your hands on this gem (and it is all very good) via CD Baby. For more music and September live performance dates, stop in for a visit to the N. Lannon MySpace page There are also downloads available on the N. Lannon website. The following is a YouTube video of Hollow Heart from the 2004 release Chemical Friends.

From the upcoming Sept. 18, 2007 release "Pressure":
MP3: Next Obsession

From the 2004 released "Chemical Friends":
MP3: Demons

From the 2004 released "Astronomy For Children":
MP3: This Morning

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