Saturday, September 22, 2007

MML: Weekend Milk Mixer (Vol. 1)

There is supposedly the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the US taking place this weekend here in Cincinnati, Ohio. Unfortunately for my liver, we reside two blocks from this giant festival and will need to set new records in the beer drinking department. For this reason, we will deviate from our usual fare in order to present an assortment of music for your listening pleasure. All of the bands we've featured this time are worthy of a full review on MML and I plan on getting to some of them in the coming weeks. For now, enjoy a random sample of what we have been listening to lately and be sure to check into some of the links for more information and good music.

Rebecca Scott

We originally featured the music of Chicago shoegaze two-some Panda Riot at the end of last year [November 2006 Review + download.] Rebecca Scott is half of that duo and has recorded a really nice cover of The Magnetic Fields song "Book Of Love" from the 1999 69 Love Songs trilogy. Expect new music from Panda Riot very soon.

MP3: Book Of Love (Magnetic Fields Cover)

The Dora Steins

Another great band from Sweden? I think you can safely place that bet. To check out more upbeat and really good music, stop in for a visit to The Dora Steins Myspace page. They also have an official website for additional information. If you like this song, it is very important that you visit Ramp Music to vote for the band. Just skip the intro page and it only takes a minute. We just voted!!

MP3: Didn't We Have Fun

The Jealous Girlfriends

This Brooklyn, New York outfit is receiving praise from all corners of the music blogosphere and for good reason. Our first feature of this band was posted this past January 2007 All of the links you will need are there. This is a definite favourite.

MP3: The Pink Wig To My Salieri

Black Tambourine

Thought I'd throw in a classic from Slumberland Records for good measure. This track was released in November of 1991 as part of the four song 7 inch single titled By Tomorrow. Band members Brian Nelson and Archie Moore were also both a part of Velocity Girl at various points in time.

MP3: Black Car

The How

Another, more recent artist from Slumberland Records. I have to admit, I know absolutely nothing about this band aside from the fact that they sound just like The How... I mean The Who. You get it, ah? This song was released in September of 2006 as part of a 7 inch single titled Happy Matt.

MP3: I Was A Boy


Film is a band from Athens, Greece that I have been meaning to feature for quite some time. If you appreciate female vocal fitness that brings to mind Kate Bush, this song will instantly have you melting where you stand. Some of the other material from this band is more guitar based and I hope to feature that aspect of their sound very soon. There is a Film Myspace as well as a Film Website for you to look into. Great stuff.

MP3: Alarm

Fundias and The Medium Mindblowers

When I tell you this band is from Sweden, you might guess that a sweet pop song is coming your way? Guess again my friend. This is straight forward indie rock with plenty of energy. The lyrics are Swedish language but for some reason it really doesn't matter at all. There is more raucous yet outstanding music to be heard on the Fundias and The Medium Mindblowers Myspace page as well as their website.

MP3: Smebacker

Vox Von Braun

Ok, I saved something really good for last this time around. The sound is luxuriously gritty and might bring to mind a favourite moment or two from the back catalogue of The Jesus and Mary Chain. Vox Von Braun is from Groningen, Netherlands and is signed to one of our new favorites in local label Subroutine Records. Have a listen, then pay a visit to the Vox Von Braun Myspace page for more music.

MP3: Lord Of Pesetas


Anonymous said...

I'm liking the Vox Von Braun a lot and this is coming from someone who can't stand JAMC.

Good post.

TEROM said...


Mi name is TEROM from Peru and I'm a huge fan of MILK MILK LEMONADE

Its very pleasent to hear and read your musical posts about this great bands

I'd like you can see my blog and my space

suerte amigos!!!


4casey4 said...

Hey Terom!

I've seen your blog before on a few different occasions and like it very much. Thanks for checking things out here. I'll try to find you on myspace.


M faleminderit said...

Would be nice on vinyl.