Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Jealous Girlfriends

First off, in non-related news, we were mentioned by folks at the comprehensive (the article) music resource yesterday and it made my afternoon much brighter. If you follow this blog or the MySpace group with any regularity, you know our 2006 end of year list built a substantial amount of steam towards its quiet finale. It was only mentioned by a handful of other blogs but that might be a result of many other folks doing the same year end shtick at the same time. Actually, it turns out some of the most unexpected posts we did last year received the majority of attention... kinda cool and I just had to give a quick shout to Idolator. Let's get to business. The Jealous Girlfriends are an experimental indie rock quartet from Brooklyn, New York consisting of Josh Abbott (guitar/vocals/percussion), Alex Lipsen (keyboards/synth/bass), Holly Miranda (guitar/keyboards/trombone/vocals) and Mike Fadem (drums). Besides the dreamy epic nature of the song you are listening to, I'd like to point out how well both of the vocal contributions fit together. This is usually one of the most impressive qualities when a band steps foot on a stage and was exactly what came to mind as the song made it's way past the 2 minute mark. The track ends beautifully with what seems to be only a toy piano accompanying Holly's voice. I would love to see this band live.

From what I read, Holly (solo artist) and Alex (producer) met in 2004 and a year or so later the complete band had already taken the stage numerous times and recorded their first 8 song EP Comfortably Uncomfortable in 2005. You can still get your hands on that release through CD Baby for $10 USD. The song you are listening to belongs to the band's 2006 self titled full length release. If you visit The Jealous Girlfriends website you can pick up a copy in the merch section and get more info on the band. To hear more music, check The Jealous Girlfriends MySpace page. The next live performance will be held tomorrow night 1/18 in Philadelphia at The Khyber ($8/9pm/+21) with additional bands Nixon's Head and The Anderson Council. Finally, I found a really good YouTube video of the band before and during a Boston, MA. show...

MP3: Hieroglyphics

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