Sunday, January 07, 2007

Crestview Trust

Yes... It took a week of unpacking and fighting with my computer and we are all set to go with the music. After spending most of my life in Columbus and Athens, Ohio, I moved to Cincinnati and this town is nice. I was amazed at how many music blog/resource folks exist in this area and might have to take a week to highlight them. For now, I'd like to present a really solid Canadian band. Starting things off in a big way with something extravagant was the goal but I kept returning to this subdued sound. Today's featured track is almost folk-based enough for current radio appeal while the sparse song structure begs patience and is intelligent at each turn. The band lists classic mainstream artists as influence but I would be surprised if one of the members didn't own a copy of any given old fIREHOSE record. I usually bang on about vocal talent where female contributors are concerned, but have to make an exception in mentioning how wonderful these male vocals are. Wesafari is another band from Alaska/Seattle, Washington that sounds very similar. Let's get to the links... shall we?

Crestview Trust is the unsigned indie quartet of Colin McMahon, Greg Fowler, Jean VanHaelen and Rob McMahon from Toronto, Ontario Canada. The band members have all been performing in different bands for 10 years in Hamilton, Ontario and for the past three years have been involved in the recording and performing for Crestview Trust. Your first stop should be a visit to the Crestview Trust MySpace page where you can listen to a few more songs. You will be shocked (as was I) to find how few page visits/song plays their MySpace has, so you might want to add them before they take off. The band's debut self titled, full length release is available for around $15 USD through CD Baby or you can contact the band directly for a copy. To download this song along three more tracks from this release free of charge, check out the Crestview Trust website. All songs are equally good. It's nice to be back and this is great stuff.

MP3: Somersaults

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