Sunday, January 21, 2007


The weekend is in full force and I have been out and about exploring this new city they call Cincinnati. I just wanted to stop in and change the music at least once before Monday rolls around. I normally wouldn't post anything entirely instrumental but this was too much fun not to feature. At the end of last year, I was doing my usual music blog-hopping and found this song on Aurgasm. I even left a comment on that particular post since my 9 year old daughter Abigail was instantly and uncontrollably taken into fits by it. Something about the cartoon/lounge/elevator/gameboy sound of this music makes it hard to do anything else but grin wholeheartedly. I've posted plenty of experimental electronica over the past year and a half but am not sure I can place this alongside anything else I've featured. Oh wait! Larytta from Switzerland might be the closest (distant) cousin, not to the sound of course, but in the fun department for sure. Come to think of it... are there any elevators that still play music? I haven't been on one that does in ages.

is a music project consisting of quite the accomplished international duo. Jørgen Traeen is a producer from Bergen, Norway that has ties to just about every Norwegian musician there is. This might be, in part, a result of Jørgen running his own Duper Studios locally in Bergen. He shares this space with plenty of artists and there is also a Duper Studios MySpace page. London, UK composer Alisdair Stirling also has roots to Bergen, NO and is responsible for the collective music workshop known as House Of Hiss. To hear more music and add them as friends, check out the Toy MySpace page. Their recent, 11 song, self titled debut is currently available through the Smalltown Supersound label. My prediction? Someone at Sony (PS division) or Cartoon Network finds them and puts this sound to work. I like it lots.

MP3: Golden Fish In Pool

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Paul Irish said...

awesome! good sleuthing to get more information. they're such a unique find.