Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Ok, how cool is this!!! Creaking doors sampled to perfection and twisted around in a sultry, creepy little package. One of the samples creates a sound almost exactly like a saxophone. After finding this song on Music For Robots, I have been playing it continuously for around a week and was going to skip putting it on the MySpace group, instead using it as my own profile music. I'm selfish like that, but then decided the decent thing to do would be to share this interesting music. This is also the first artist(s) I've featured from Switzerland.

Larytta is the duo of Lary Pec and Guy Meldem from Lausanne, Switzerland. They've been making experimental music since 2004. You can hear more of this at the Larytta MySpace page and I have to say that it really is worth the visit. The self-titled 12' EP is available on the band's label that is aptly named Creaked Records. There is no official band website beyond MySpace for now. This song also won the almost impossible approval of my 8 year old daughter. That definitely is no small feat.

MP3: The Money

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