Friday, July 21, 2006

Apollo Up!

Last week turned out to be a "Shoegaze-fest" that ended in a blaze of glory and I've still got last Friday's song embedded on my own MySpace profile. In the same spirit, this week was destined to turn into an indie rock extravaganza. I will try to mix things up a bit more next week but for now we are shifting into guitar overdrive. These guys just plain rock. I am not about to explain what you can already hear so I will only mention that the Rocket From The Crypt recommendation on the bio I read is extremely accurate. There are a few people on my MySpace friends list from the Nashville area and several more we added to the group a while back. I hope at least some of those people have seen these guys live and can give some sort of account. I read that they are out-o-hand good on stage. What a good way to kick off the weekend!!

The city of Nashville, Tennessee leads many to think the obvious when it comes to music, but that deserves no additional mention here. Instead, those folks might want to re-think and listen. Apollo Up! has been around since 2002 and is a great power trio from an ever present and growing scene in that town. I plan to feature more from the area soon. They are signed to Theory 8 Records and have a new release in Chariots Of Fire which came out June 13th. There is plenty to do on the Apollo Up! website and if you would like to hear more (as always) check the band's MySpace page. There is a video waiting for you there. Oh!! I almost forgot. Apollo Up! is playing at Lemmon's in Saint Louis, Missouri tonight. If you are close you will want to scratch any post-happy hour plans and go to the show.

MP3: Walking The Plank

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