Friday, July 28, 2006


I know I know... Another band from Sweden?? Oh Yes! When I wind up with some sort of pattern during any given week here in the group, I like to end it by kicking off the weekend in the same spirit. I usually reserve Fridays for the rockin stuff and this band fits right in. Of course, I could probably lie and say they were from South America since most people don't take the time to read my trite blathering anyway... so here it goes. From the rainforest of Southern Guatemala I bring you TORPEDO!!! [insert mandatory applause]. Honestly, this band has some really good indie rock going on. There are plenty of young bands out there that list Gang of Four as a major influence for their sound. Unfortunately, not many can bring it to the table. I think these guys, however, do a good job of things.

is an indie rock quintet from Stockholm, Sweden. They formed in 2004 with 2 of the members also being part of the band Tiger Lou and another from Je Ne Se Quoi. They released their debut EP Anticlockwise on the German label Strangefruit in April 2005 then decided to go label-free. They've toured all over Europe in the past with the likes of Ted Leo and Cursive. According to the official bio they are currently writing new material and setting up tour dates. If you visit the Torpedo Website you will find that you can buy that EP by simply putting a bit of money in an envelope to send to them. Also visit the band's MySpace page to hear good new songs including this one. Enjoy.

MP3: Hang Me High

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