Monday, July 10, 2006

The Floor is Made of Lava

I dropped Michelle off at the airport last night and have been down ever since. We sat at the airport bar and had some drinks before she left and then I got lost in the parking garage trying to find my precious little Mazda3 to take me home. I got back to find an empty flat with a couple of things she forgot and needed to pick myself up. What did I do? I started looking for music. I couldn't find anything that fit my mood so I went in the opposite direction. Sometimes you find the coolest things in strangely obvious places and that was my fortune after visiting 3hive for the first time in months.

I can tell you that The Floor Is Made Of Lava are 3 guys from Copenhagen, Denmark and have only been around since March of 2006. This might seem as ridiculous to you as it did me considering the big big sound that matches their big sense of humor. I'm hearing early 90s again here with Chicago bands like God & Texas and a tiny bit of Helmet in the vocals. There is no website for the band as far as I know, so you will want to jump onto the TFIMOL MySpace page to hear more music. The Compton song is great! I'm now going to attempt a cocktail Michelle made for me with Absinthe when she was here... wish me luck. I'm loving this band.

MP3: Do Your Sister

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