Monday, July 17, 2006


One of the fun things about doing this group/blog thing is running into other folks that enjoy searching for new and different music. Recently, I met this really cool blogger gal (yes I said gal) Lizzy. She has this great website called Come Pick Me Up that I highly recommend you visit for new music. Featured there the other week was a band from Atlanta that I was immediately taken with. I can think of no better way to follow up one of the greatest bands of the past than to present you with a really good indie rock band from the present. The sound might be different but for some reason they still have that same dry tank local feel to their music. Give this one a chance to kick in and you will thank me.

Variac is a 5 piece rock outfit from Atlanta, Georgia that has several variations of their bio on the band website. I was confused (and laughing) enough to go with the following quote from them:

"In fall 2002, indoor rowing champions Kris Sampson and James Pinkstone, in conjunction with Mens Health magazine, commissioned guitarist Ryan Pitchford to write for them a victory hymnal, to be broadcast throughout the many gymnasiums to which their rowing tournaments led. Moved to tears by the beauty and power of the piece, coach Tom Tjoflat emerged from retirement, not to once again train up-and-coming indoor rowers for victory, but to proudly play percussion to what he then called the beautiful music.

By late 2004, however, indoor rowing CD sales had plummeted, and its place in youth culture had begun to wane. At the recommendation of their record label, Pitchford and Tjoflat set out to seek a vocalist who truly understood the merit of, and discipline in, championship indoor rowing, and to once again connect with the youth-driven sales market. JT Hall, a longtime fan of Tjoflats coaching skills, was the obvious choice."

There you have it...Great bio ah? You might be surprised to find out that this band is unsigned at the moment!?!?! I can't see that going on much longer at all. They have an EP in the works and there should be some sort of demo out soon as well. Check out the Variac MySpace page for more info, tour dates and a really cool video. Thanks Liz... I owe ya one.

MP3: Fitted Phrase

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