Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Fine Arts Showcase

Sometimes the best way to find music is to get onto MySpace and skip around the friends lists of other bands and labels you like, and that is exactly how I found this one. I was almost ready to call it quits last night when I checked out the profile of today's band. After almost an hour of clicking links, reading up the on the artist and listening to the music, It was easy to settle on today's feature. Hopefully, the planets are aligned so that our music hosting site, MySpace and Blogger are all working properly. That way you can actually get to hear this outstanding music. Also, hit the links below to find more info.

The Fine Arts Showcase
is the music of Gustaf Kjellvander. From the official bio, I read that he had quite the international youth. He was born in Sweden, then lived for some years near Seattle, Washington, and then returned with his family to Sweden where he began to write music. He now lives in London, UK. If you visit The Fine Arts Showcase website there is much more information on the 2006 full length release Radiola. It is available in Sweden presently through Adrian Recordings (you can find them on MySpace too) and will be released for the rest of Europe via German label Stickman next month. If you are here in the states, you might want to message Gustaf on the band's MySpace page to ask how to go about buying the new CD.

MP3: Chemical Girl


thepsychicpilot said...

That's good stuff.

Useless Man said...

Not that you asked, but a fine musician from Canada is Mike Evin. I'm jsut a fan, but you can find him on myspace if you are interested in a little Ragtime Rocking.

Anonymous said...

Or you can buy digitally on

It's an excellent album.

Anonymous said...

Whoa ho ho. This really is good.

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