Wednesday, July 12, 2006


One of the bands that inhabits my friends list sent out a bulletin the other day announcing a new song that was available for download on their profile. Like usual, I dropped what I was doing and jumped over to check it out. After the first 20 seconds or so I was ready to feature it. The song is only 2 minutes and 4 seconds so it's a good thing the music here is on a loop. They could have probably stretched it out to triple the length and not lost anyone's attention. The wall of sound created by the accomplished guitars of Scott Cortez combined with Shannon Roberts's self described "vocal terror" seal the deal for me. Lovin' the shoegaze here.

As mentioned above, Chicago, Illinois based STAR features the guitars of Scott Cortez. Scott also has another music project that dates back to the early 90's in Loveliescrushing. He's been putting out that textured and layered guitar sound for quite some. Shannon Roberts writes the lyrics and Theodore Beck rounds out the trio on percussion. Check out the STAR website for three more downloadable songs and also their MySpace page for another song. They have a blog there where you can find two videos also. They just finished recording their first two CDs and will be releasing them soon. More please!

MP3: Pure Gold Reason

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