Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hello Saferide

I googled 4casey4 the other day and came up with much more than I had ever realized was out there. Yep... I drive a Mazda3, listen to Bob Mould and comment on foreign news articles and various music blogs. If you google "Casey Lowry" it comes up with a sub-category for me also (I am not a bull rider btw). Strange stuff, but nothing interesting enough for me not to post the availability of my complete online existence. We've probably all had stalkers at some point and today's song is a good representation of what must be floating through the minds of the bored, curious and obsessive. Add High School into the mix and you have a song that could be an anthem for the next big teenage television drama.

We need to go back to Stockholm, Sweden once again for this artist. Hello Saferide is the banner of lifelong musician Annika Norlin. If you go to her MySpace page you might find yourself there for quite some time. The songs are all as infectious as acoustic guitar based music can be and fantastically twee-ish. Then, of course, there is always the Hello Saferide website with news and more. On June 14, 2006 Hello Saferide released a new EP titled "Would you let me play this EP ten times a day" in Sweden. If you visit Razzia Records you can purchase past and present work... Also, check out Annika's bio to find out why I (too) found myself wishing I was a lesbian.

MP3: High School Stalker

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Michelle said...

D'oh! I've managed to get rid of all the comments on this post... damn.

Oh well. There were some. And I love this song.