Thursday, July 06, 2006

Panda and Angel

Guess what?? It's officially Awkward Sentence Day here!! Since I have some other things I need to be doing I'll leave this as a first draft. It's a good thing the music is splendid.

I've got a really nice rock song to feature today so hopefully our hosting site (EZArchive) isn't screwing up in order for you to actually hear it. You might think this is another electronica feature from the first part of the song, but it then builds into wonderfully frenzied guitars throughout the song. Not really a shoegaze sound but still slightly reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine. Panda and Angel are a 5-piece rock band from Seattle, Washington. They formed in 2004 and have a self-titled CD EP coming out July 27th on their new record label Jade Tree. Lead Vocalist Carrie Murphy was in another band, Touchdown Eagle that sounds quite a bit like Salem 66, an 80s band I featured several months ago. The Panda and Angel website is currently under construction so you will need to visit their MySpace page to hear more. The other song there is Mexico and is a little bit different... but equally good.

MP3: Dangerous

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