Sunday, July 02, 2006

King Missile

Yup. You've probably realised by now, if you didn't as soon as you heard the intro to this song, that we're segueing from one penis-related song straight into another. A theme weekend, if you will, but after yesterday's offering, He's Got a Penis on His Head, we couldn't resist following up with this one as this week's Sunday classic.

New York City's King Missile has actually been around in various incarnations since 1986, led by the poet/singer John S. Hall. I'd never heard of them until 1993, though, when I was working in a record shop and the owner brought back boxloads of stuff from a buying trip to the US... he had loads of copies of a sampler CD called Spew 2 and let me have one (I have no idea what happened to that CD... it was a great compilation, I want it back!)... and this song was on it. My sixteen year-old self was highly amused: hee hee, he said 'penis'... and thinking about it, I've clearly not matured much since then, as Casey and I have sat sniggering at the lyrics all weekend.

The song's taken from Happy Hour, King Missile's fifth album. These days they're known as King Missile III, their last release being 2004's Royal Lunch. A collection of John S. Hall's poems has been published, titled Jesus Was Way Cool. There's a King Missile MySpace page; I'd assumed it was a fan profile, but nope, it seems to be the real thing.

Anyway... no doubt most of you will know this one, but I'd pretty much forgotten about it so it's good to hear it again. We were all set to carry on with the theme, um... theme, next weekend, and were getting very excited about Gynaecology Weekend. Then we realised that nobody's actually written a song on that subject, to the best of our knowledge, so we had to shelve those plans. Although if any of you enterprising bands out there are up for the challenge, maybe we can work something out!

MP3: Detachable Penis

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