Thursday, July 27, 2006


Since the artist we featured yesterday was from Sweden, I felt compelled to search for another band from that same region of the world. I didn't have to look too far at all to find one. Since I leave my computer on 24 hours a day, I still had the Adrian Recordings website up on a browser window. After looking around there for a bit, I ended up listening to a track from today's featured artist. Unfortunately, it was not downloadable. I clicked a few links, found a proper MP3 and now here we are. This is a great song, but I started getting confused about a few things about them. I'll explain...

is a band from Stockholm, Sweden that formed in 1999. They released their debut album Sharif's Slumber that very same year. After a re-release of the material in 2001, the band broke up. Let's fast forward a bit. In 2005 they apparently reformed (not sure if it was with all of the original members or not) and in May came out with Lost Causes-Causes Lost. This release doesn't show up on the Adrian catalog as far as I could tell, although a song from it is featured there as "song of the month." I'm also not sure if the Sharif website has been updated since last year either. I then found the Sharif myspace page and read a really interesting bio which intensified the mystery. I can only hope they are still making music but can't be certain at all. Again, this is great stuff. I might email them to find out if the 2005 album is available for purchase.. If anyone has further info, please message me. Thank You.

MP3: You Don't Know

All photos by Charlotte Lindberg.

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sharif are alive
this is what we are told