Monday, July 17, 2006

Eye Was an Ion

The weather turned extremely hot and humid this weekend, and since I only have a window air conditioner in the bedroom I was stuck in there with the door shut for the entire time. My computer is in there so I spent a better part of my weekend online. After checking out ridiculous websites about dogs dressed as bees and an unfortunate Kentucky baby nursery (too funny) I decided to explore a couple of artists that had left comments on our MML MySpace page. Glad I did. As you can probably already hear, today's band is heavily influenced by the music of Lou Barlow and his well established outfit Sebadoh. For this type of undertaking they sound remarkably like themselves instead of what can sometimes come off as just another simple cover band. These guys do it up right and some of the other songs have quite a different sound that gave me a definite reason to feature them. This one just happend to be my favorite but I am also I'm diggin on the song names from the 1989 movie Slacker.

Eye Was an Ion
is the duo of Mac Colasimone and Ryan Kitchen from a small town outside of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. From their bio I gathered that they have been making music for quite some time. They enlist the help of friends for the purpose of recording and live shows. Some of those folks might wind up permanant members eventually if they are not careful. The band is currently finishing up their debut CD as well as constructing a website so you will need to visit the Eye Was an Ion MySpace page to hear and learn more. If the planets are all aligned properly they will be performing next time I make my way through Windsor en route to see an upcoming Uncut show in Toronto. Many thanks to Mac & Ryan for letting me feature the music.

MP3: Happening Soon

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