Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Wombats

The weather is still unbearably humid here in Ohio and I've switched from proper ale to 1 part water / 1 part light domestic beer... Can you imagine my sacrifice? I promise not to bring up too much randomness while I start this writeup but I need to mention a festival that happened in the beginning of May of this year. The MIDI Music Festival has been held in Beijing, China since 1997. There have been a couple of years where it couldn't take place but here is a short youtube video clip from the event this year. The reason I mention this is because today's featured band was one of 18 foreign artists that were invited to (and played) the event. I try to keep this group as internationally flavored as possible and today is a good day in that respect. Oh, and did I mention that the band is really good also???

From the historic rock town of Liverpool, UK I present to you the power pop-punk trio known as The Wombats. Murph, Tord and Dan have been playing since 2004 and have some great 7' vinyl singles already under their belt. If you like this as much as I do, you might want to contact them directly on The Wombats MySpace page. There is also a really good video there. The latest single is available on KIDS and the band's EP will be available soon. You can also visit the Wombats Website for news and suchlike. Yep...this is another DIY outfit that are going places for sure.

MP3: Lost in the Post

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I really enjoyed them...