Friday, July 14, 2006

The Brother Kite

Since the latter part of this week ended up being a complete shoegaze-fest here in the group, I figured the only thing I could do is end it with a big wall of guitars. A big bang if you will. There are so many bands out there that interpret this particular sound of the early 90's in so many different ways; I might have to come up with some sort of list of the good ones on my actual blog. I could use some help for sure and ask that you submit some ideas beyond what I've featured here. Btw, today's band is fantastic and will need be high on the list for sure. I'll need to get started on that straight away.

The Brother Kite (yeah I am totally distracted by how good this is also) are an indie rock quintet (+ Apple iPod) from Providence, Rhode Island. The sound is familiar to most of you and done quite well. In June 2004, after developing for almost 3 years, they released an 8 song CD and today's feature just happened to be on it. Check The Brother Kite website for news and upcoming tour dates. You might also want to visit the band's label Claire Records on the web or on myspace. TBK also has the compulsory MySpace page with two more songs to download and all of the merchandise is available through Tone Vendor. I think I'm all 'linked out' for now but will also mention that the new CD Waiting For The Time To Be Right is coming out on September 12, 2006... How's this for Friday music ah??

MP3: Simply Say My Name

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