Saturday, July 29, 2006


Sometimes the writeups here are half ridiculous but I hope it isn't too much. I only do it to broaden what is normally a business writing world for me. It's also a good way to blow off steam after work while having a cheap beer or 10. With that said, this will be a brief account of an extremely talented band. I have house projects to attend to today. Today takes us to one of the birthplaces of American alternative rock and the current music I've heard coming out of that city is doing that town much justice. These guys are no exception, rather a highlight.

is a five piece from Minneapolis, Minnesota that held my attention like very few other bands that keep a similar tempo. The full band was evolved from the solo work of Andy Flynn. His voice is understated and easy on the ears while not coming off like a handful of sleeping pills. I can understand the Pavement comparisons I read in the reviews but the DCFC ones not so much. Today's featured song is from the recent July 13th release All These Long Drives and is available through 2024 Records. There is also a 2024 MySpace page. To save you the hunt, just go here to buy it. The was quite confusing and had little info so I suggest you visit their MySpace page to hear plenty of music and tell 'em what you think. Really nice music for a Saturday (or any day.)

MP3: Coppertone

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