Saturday, July 01, 2006

Surplus People

I've been in a goofy mood as of late and so when I stumbled across today's band on the Swedesplease blog I felt obligated to listen. If you check this blog regularly you know I have a penchant for frequently posting experimental electronica. This one might be more along the lines of experimental insanity and thats probably why I love it. The Nintendo Gameboy sounds and the megaphone vocals might be enough for me, but when I realized the subject matter for the song I instantly knew they were getting featured. Come on now... Who wouldn't want to hear a song about a guy with a penis on his head???

Surplus People
is a female trio from Stockholm, Sweden. Front woman Magdalena not only uses a megaphone for vocals, but also represents the horn section for the band. They formed in 2001 and, up until recently, used a motorcycle club as a practice space. There are a couple more wild but good songs to download from their MySpace page. You can also visit the Surplus People website to buy the 2006 release, the 2004 release or both. Some of you can buy them through Cocohippo, but all of you can contact the band directly. There is even mention that you can send cash in an envelope!

MP3: He's Got a Penis on His Head

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