Saturday, July 22, 2006

My Brightest Diamond

The weekend is underway and it is supposed to rain all day. After listening to today's artist I started feeling the mood and am actually waiting in anticipation for the storms. My 8 year old daughter will be arriving around lunchtime and due to the weather will be bugging me to mess with the new laptop. it is! (uggg.) If vocal fitness and talent mean anything to you then today's feature will be right up your alley. Her voice is opera trained and absolutely beautiful. My stepfather is a bass baritone for the Columbus Light Opera so I have attempted to evolve an ear for such things. If you listen to the lyrics closely you will understand my storm reference. Nice music for a rainy Saturday.

My Brightest Diamond is the music of Shara Worden. Originally from Michigan, she sang for the church choir and eventually during this write up I will quote the rest of her history directly from the official bio. She now lives in NYC and her new release Bring Me The Workhorse is set for release on August 22nd through her label Asthmatic Kitty. (that's 4 days after my birthday Michelle *hint hint*) If you go to the My Brightest Diamond website you can get news on her extensive upcoming tour and more. She also has a MySpace page with more songs to listen to. Oh yeah, l almost forgot the quote from her bio. Here ya go:

"Shara honed her musical prowess singing along to Whitney Houston music videos and Mariah Carey albums. When pop music wasn't enough, she enrolled in the music program at the University of North Texas, immersing herself in the songs of Purcell and Debussy. After college, she moved to New York City and fell in love with its cold winters and busy streets. She continued to study opera on the Upper West Side during the day, but at night she frequented downtown clubs such as Tonic, Knitting Factory, and The Living Room, catching performances by Antony & the Johnsons, Nina Nastasia, and Rebecca Moore. She began to spend less time sight-reading Mozart and more time de-tuning her Gibson electric guitar to play her own newly-written songs. Coaxed out of recital halls and onto the small stages of bars and clubs, Shara assembled a coterie of musicians to accompany her with bass and drums, music boxes, wine glasses, and wind chimes"

MP3: Something of an End

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Jacklyn Hyde said...

FINALLY was able to listen to this selection. Omigodomigod, this is gorgeous! Thanks for consistently tipping me off to the best music.

I'll even forgive you for posting Detachable Penis while ignoring that I own the live version of Jesus Was Way Cool...