Sunday, January 14, 2007

TBA - Natalie "Tusja" Beridze

Almost exactly one year ago, I found a song that had been posted around a month earlier on the House of Leaf & Lime music blog. It really grabbed me so I lifted and featured it on the MySpace group. Unfortunately, we had not yet created MML so the review, pictures and and some expanded information were never recorded. Last week I was surprised to find that Motel de Moka (great music blog) had included another song from today's artist in a post. I went digging and found the original song I posted. You can listen to it on my own MySpace profile. Some of you folks that have been around a while will remember it. Both songs were recorded mid 2005 but for separate releases. The music is danceable in a sensible low key while maintaining an overwhelming dark presence. The vocals are also beautifully emotionless. Since these two tracks are all I have to go on and there is little information out there in English, I will have to piece together what I found. I hope it makes sense for you.

TBA is the minimal experimental electronic music of Natalie "Tusja" Beridze from Tbilisi, Georgia (Republic of.) From what I read, she is both an audio and visual artist that is connected with the German collective known as Goslab. The original song featured (Smashed) was released as part of the CD titled Annule in 2005 by accomplished German producer Thomas Brinkmann's own label Max.Ernst. It is currently available at Forced Exposure for $15 USD. The song you are hopefully listening to today (Wound) is from a mid 2005 compilation put out by Monika Enterprise titled 4 Woman No Cry - Vol. 1. There is little else I could locate about Tusja but I did find two YouTube video clips with music that obviously include her vocals.

YouTube 1:

YouTube 2:

There is no MySpace or direct website so if anyone knows or can hunt down more information on Natalie Beridze or TBA (which means "lake" in Georgian language) it would be much appreciated by myself and plenty of people who are listening to this right now. Thank you.

MP3: Wound

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