Friday, January 19, 2007

The Black Watch

It's time to kick off the weekend once again, but before this is done, I need to mention that one of Michelle's rare submissions garnered attention from the Buzzfeed website this week. She might want to consider sharing her reviews more often ah? Getting on with things... If there ever was a template for that textbook sound which falls within a 3 year radius of the year 1990, I think I might have found it. Dream inducing rock that shows only slightest hint of what is most usually overdone and misinterpreted where the footwear-fixation genre of that time period is concerned. After listening to a few more tracks, I was both impressed and surprised I had never heard this band before. Our usual project is to hunt endlessly for music like this and, as it turns out, this artist has been around for a very long time. If you have an extra few moments, check some of the links below.

The Black Watch
was formed in 1987 by John Andrew Fredrick (guitar/vocals) of Los Angeles, California. His supporting lineup includes Scott Taylor (bass/vocals), Rick Woodard (drums) and David Steinhart (guitar). After reading the official bio on the not-so-updated Black Watch website, it became clear that this band had been through a fair amount of transition with the supporting musician turnover and label changes over the years. While you are on that website, visit the Novel section where you will find exactly that. Fredrick is an accomplished writer by trade and also has his Ph.D in English from U.C. Santa Barbara. (I only hope he doesn't read my garbage grammar). Your next stop should be The Black Watch MySpace page where you can listen to more music from the November 2006 release tatterdemalion. This full length CD is currently available through all the usual outlets amazon/virgin/insound or (like me) you can google to find it on CD Baby. Finally, The Black Watch will begin a string of UK dates February 1st at The QI Club in Oxford. If you are close to that venue and like what you are hearing, be sure to get tickets now. The place only seats 25-30 or so.

MP3: Williamsburg

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