Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Les Breastfeeders

It's almost that time of year once again. SXSW 2007 is less than 2 months away so I decided to wander around some of the other blogs in search of scheduled bands I am unfamiliar with. Hundreds of different musicians will descend upon Austin, Texas and we will mention plenty of them in the coming weeks. It will be a small miracle if I am actually able to make it to the festival this year, so we might need a willing participant who is going and can operate a digital camera to report back during the fun? As for our first submission on this year's SXSW, I only had to look as far as Canadian music weblog Mocking Music. There was a good and informative review posted there almost a month ago regarding today's featured band. The sound is pure energy with an extremely addicting 60s garage rock flair and might end up being a major highlight for anyone making their way to Austin, Texas March 15th, 16th or 17th. Yes... they are listed on the program to play 3 sets on those days this year.

Les Breastfeeders are a garage pop/rock five piece from Montréal, Québec Canada consisting of members Luc Brien (vocals/guitar), Suzie McLelove (vocals/guitar), Sunny (lead guitar), Joe (bass) and Johnny Maldoror (tambourine). 2004 saw the band's debut release Déjeuner Sur L'herbe become avalable via Blow The Fuse Records. On the same label they have an excellent 2006 follow up in Les Matins De Grands Soirs from which the song you are listening to is a part. Les Breastfeeders MySpace has more good music to check out as well as info on numerous upcoming performances. The live touring regimen begins again Feburary 9 in Jonquière, Québec with Xavier Caféïne (XC MySpace). There is also a Les Breastfeeders website for additional links, band news and where to buy the CDs. Finally, a YouTube video is available for the track Funny Funiculaire from the new release. Another great song. Enjoy.

MP3: Viens Avec Moi

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=[ sooooooooooooooooo many amazing unknown bands, GLAD ur making them known. amazing selections =) great work!