Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Sugarettes

After arriving home from work and opening a beer yesterday evening, I was ready for my nightly search for new music. I had no plans and noticed a few new friend requests on our MML MySpace profile. Today's feature is the music of the first band I decided to investigate. It might have only taken the first 30 seconds of this song for me to jump on MSN and send the link to Michelle so she could listen as well. We were both in agreement on this one. I usually will not feature bands that sound similar to the mainstay turned mainstream alternative groups we all know. In this case, it is a bit different. The song you are listening to is deserves an obvious comparison to early 90s era Sonic Youth. It was about the time the vocals reached my ears with the lyrical segment "raising cane" that I realized the song could have been a good bonus to the 1992 SY release Dirty (Sugar Kane). The other tracks I took in were all different and showcase some of the band's other influences as well as their own validity as an outfit ready to advance. If you have a few extra moments and end up following the links listed below, you might find yourself returning for repeated listens. This is great stuff for sure.

The Sugarettes are a lo-fi indie rock quartet from Eindhoven, Netherlands consisting of primary members Joep van Son (guitar/vocals/melodies) and Iskaa (vocals/guitar/very pretty). To round out the full band experience, they utilize the musical assistance of Marnix van den Broek (percussion/programming) and Cox Dieben (bass/also very pretty). In truly charming DIY spirit, The Sugarettes released a mid/late 2006 EP with Sugarettecity including this along with 3 more songs you can download at The Sugarettes website. To add them as a myspace friend and listen to more music, visit The Sugarettes MySpace. The band is currently recording their debut full length 2007 release Love and Other Perversities. There is a Dutch multimedia music resource (similar to Pitchfork) called 3voor12 that featured The Sugarettes last November for something called HOLLANDSE NIEUWE. Check out the 3voor12 MySpace also for more good music links. Surprisingly enough, this band is currently unsigned.

MP3: Claps


Francis said...

Hey! I totally agree with you! The Sugarettes are amazing - the 4 songs they've so far released are so different but all share a beautiful sound and great lyrics and melodies. Now let's hope the full lenght will deliver us some more gems...

Anonymous said...

This does rock. Good find Mr. Casey