Saturday, September 02, 2006

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Every review I've seen of this band has made much of the supposedly unlikely nature of their name when trying to find a clever description of their sound. For me, though, Glasgow (yes, Glasgow, Scotland) has never failed to be bathed in sunshine for my (admittedly rare) visits, so there's no such irony for me; the words "A Sunny Day In Glasgow" conjure up a headful of heat-haze and contentment, which would seem to match pretty closely the feel of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based outfit of the same name, all things considered.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow
is the musical project of Ben Daniels, featuring the lovely (oh god, I am daring myself to use this word - aficionados of the early-90s British music press, feel free to snigger to your heart's content), ethereal vocals of his sisters Lauren and Robin. Without hinting too obviously at any one artist, this band, with their soaring-yet-muffled melodies, put me in a happy place brimming with C86-iness and the 4AD and Creation rosters of days long gone by. I'd expect ASDIG's live performance to be a charmingly ramshackle family affair, accompanied as the siblings are by an iPod for their 'drummer'.

What you have here is the song The Best Summer Ever, which is taken from the equally sunnily-named The Sunniest Day Ever EP, a five-track CD which you can get hold of via the ASDIG website for a mere USD$3 (in the US & Canada)/USD$5 (in Europe)/USD$7 (anywhere else in the world) - all those prices include shipping so are outrageously cheap, no matter where you are. If you need any more convincing of the loveliness of their sound, you can preview more tracks from the EP on the ASDIG MySpace page. While you're there, check out the #1 band on their friends list, King Kong Ding Dong, another band that Ben plays in - they're well worth a listen, not to mention a friend request if you feel so inclined.

MP3: The Best Summer Ever

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