Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Low Frequency In Stereo

I've been working on a week of music from bands that have a definite 80s sound in my spare moments but can't seem to find enough of them to complete my mission. I'm still working on it, but after kicking around some blogs and stopping by Eardrums, it was fairly easy to hop back over the Atlantic Ocean to revisit Europe for today's featured artists. The pounding percussion that starts this track is felt throughout the song and has no intention of letting loose for a moment. I can imagine this being a raucous live performance. Every once in a while, It's fun to make random comparisons, and after both Michelle and I listened to this track we had some discussion regarding the vocals. Michelle heard PJ Harvey and something close to a live Carina Round performance, while I was thinking 1980s Ann Clark or a female version of Ian MacKaye. So as not to confuse, there is no reason to dig through your record collection for old Minor Threat singles. I was referring to Ian's later Fugazi years. Regardless, this is a really nice band that has a sound that may not be as lo-fi as their bio might lead you to believe.

Low Frequency In Stereo is a four piece from Haugesund, Norway that was formed in 2001. The song featured today is from the band's latest release The Last Temptation of... and is available through the label for $16 USD. There is another song to hear on the Low Frequency In Stereo Myspace as well. The other releases can be found on the LFIS Website. There is also a video for ya to view, but since MySpace videos hardly ever work properly, I will give you a must-see YouTube version of the song 21. Great Stuff!!

MP3: Man Don't Walk

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