Saturday, September 16, 2006


It's Saturday and a very good day for a fun song that might stick in your brain for some time. Several months ago I did a brief writeup on Girls In Hawaii here and on the MySpace group before the SXSW festival. Just recently it was noticed by not only the band, but their label as well. It was really nice to hear from all of them and after a suggestion was made, I needed to check out today's featured artist. This is a wild one for sure, but extremely well thought out, measured and presented in a fashion that leaves his obvious influence (Beck) seeming outdated and ready for the TV commercial jingle market. That might seem a bit harsh (just funnin' ya) but you really do need to visit the Gisli MySpace Page to hear how good the rest of these songs are. There is one track there titled Straight to Hell that sounds like what might happen if Social Distortion and The Steve Miller Band all got into a fist fight and fell into an electric fence together as a result. Regardless of how satisfying that visual is, I will attempt a return to topic and tell you that I really like this musician as well as the music. Not that you couldn't tell ah?

26 year old Gisli was born in Iceland and now calls Oslo, Norway home, or at least a place to live for now. The debut release titled How About That? came out this summer and is available on the Miami, Florida based China Shop Music label. There is also a China Shop MySpace to hear more good music and see what is probably the best label logo ever. I'm grabbing one of those t-shirts for sure. Also visit the complicated but interesting Gisli website for more information and yesss.... A video that is a must see. If that doesn't work for you, the YouTube version is always your friend...

This is great stuff I can't recommend highly enough. Brilliant....or as Michelle put it. "Fucking Great!"

MP3: I Don't Fight

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peteski said...

I love chicks who curse.

thanks - good stuff
(and thanks for the link)