Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The weekend was really nice. It started with a band from Italy, then visited Oslo, Norway and finally ended up right here in cowtown with the glory days of Columbus, Ohio Indie rock. After all of that, I wanted to do some more catching up with my previous travels within the music blogosphere. I never claim to find things first... I just like to find the good stuff. Today's featured artists are receiving quite a bit of new-found attention and for good reason. The song here might come out of the box as experimental electronica, but once the acoustic guitars kick in and bring warmth, you had better be ready for another turn. Suddenly you are transported to circa 1990 Ride percussion that again moves to different ground as the keyboards and bells seal the deal leaving you with an idea that this band is on to something (not on something.) We've featured plenty of bands from the coastal Northwest of the US and It's always a treat to find a great PDX band... This is yet another good example as I'm sure you can already hear, if you've clicked on the MP3.

Menomena, as mentioned above, are from Portland, Oregon. I couldn't figure out when they started out but will make a wild (very safe) guess and say that the band has been together for a few years. They have a string of releases through FILMguererro including the new EP today's song is the feature track of. The EP will be available there on October 2nd but you can pre-order it now. The big news here is that Menomena recently signed to the Barsuk label and will have a full length release titled Friend and Foe coming out 23 January 2007. When that breaks loose...Look out!! Visit the Menomena MySpace Page to hear more and if you get the chance, there is also a good YouTube video to watch. The Menomena website looks like a typical blogger page but click any link to the left and you have yourself an adventure. This band is plenty of fun and is currently on tour with What Made Milwaukee Famous who we featured a few months back. Here are some of the dates starting with tomorrow night.

9/20 - Norman, OK at Opolis
9/22 - Atlanta, GA at Smith's Olde Bar
9/23 - Chapel Hill, NC at Local 506
9/24 - Raleigh, NC at King's Barcade
9/26 - Charlottesville, VA at Satellite
9/27 - Baltimore, MD at Sonar
9/28 - Philadelphia, PA at World Café Live
9/29 - NYC at Bowery Ballroom
9/30 - Boston, MA at Harper's Ferry
10/3 - Montreal, QC at La Sala Rossa
10/4 - Toronto, ON at Lee's Palace
10/5 - Detroit, MI at Magic Stick
10/6 - Chicago, IL at Subterranean
10/7 - Minneapolis, MN at Triple Rock Social Club

MP3: Wet and Rusting

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