Friday, September 01, 2006

Over the Atlantic

Just a quick (but important) note to say that some of the bands we've asked if we can feature and requests that have been submitted to us are backed up here at the moment. My work has also been insane, so if I haven't featured your music it isn't because I've forgotten about you. There are some I want to get to and I will for sure. I'm doing the best I can without having to do too much web sleuthing for pictures and basic information. As fun as doing this is, it gets kind of chaotic preparing it every night when more important offline matters need tending to. That said, I received an email/comment last week from an MML visitor and it had a few links to songs from today's featured artists. One of the songs was titled Kevin Shields and of course that was the first one I listened to!! After checking the other songs, I settled instead on the one you are listening to. The immediate comparison was drawn in several Portland, Oregon (PDX) bands but none really in particular. I would soon be surprised to discover that this music is created on the other side of the planet from those bands.

Over The Atlantic
is the music of duo Bevan Smith and Nik Brinkman from New Zealand. They met doing an A Low Hum compilation and ended up creating this music over the past two and a half years. The debut release is titled Junica and will be available September 18th on D.C. label Carpark Records. There is also a Carpark MySpace to visit for more good music. Bevan actually has his own label Involve in New Zealand as well. The band will be on tour here in the U.S. with Baltimore, Maryland label mates Beach House in November so please do check the Over The Atlantic Myspace to get more info and hear more good music. Nik and Bevan have a short bio there and here is a quote regarding the new release...

"Junica is a record destined to be savoured over time, discovered and rediscovered, saved for mild summer afternoons and early winter evenings. Kick your shoes off on the old couch and settle in, there's a groove worn in it for you."

MP3: I Cannot Believe

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love this album.