Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Ballet

The weather is changing rapidly now and, in useless news, I got to wear a favorite old jacket for the first time this fall today. At the end of last winter, I packed up my cold weather clothes and remember thinking that they were beyond cleaning or repair. The same thing happens every year when I return to bring them back out to the hangers of my closet. They look better than ever and the cigarette smell is gone. How does that work? The same applies to music for me and so the sound of today's featured band is a welcomed listen. If you're listening and haven't guessed by now, this music is heavily influenced by the work of Stephin Merritt. It was a year I can't remember during the mid to late 90s when I first heard Magnetic Fields. That band got me through some unbearable times, so it really is a high compliment when I say that The Ballet takes this sound in the right direction while making it their own. If you listen further, there is much more to the sound than my above mentioned comparison. This song is wonderfully simple and brings the season back to my senses.

The Ballet is an indie pop quartet from New York City that started out just over a year ago during the summer of 2005. They describe themselves right away with the title remark "4 queers, 3 chords, 100 melodies" on The Ballet MySpace page. They are currently unsigned but have a DIY 2006 release in Mattachine! which is presently sold out (but being re-supplied.) They are performing at The Cake Shop tomorrow night with Arlington, Virgina band Flin Flon. Also check The Ballet website for more info and another song to download. The following is a quote from the band bio that explains a bit more...

"Drawing inspiration from old pop records, one-hit-wonders, TV jingles, and Internet porn, The Ballet strive to make lovely, easy-going pop songs that express heartfelt sentiments, addressing themes of obsession, humiliation, solidarity, fantasy, secrecy, online dating, and having fun with your gay friends. They hope for casual queer elegance in every element of their work – from homemade CD's in silk-screened envelopes to live shows, which have the touch & feel of hanging out with friends on a rooftop or in the kitchen and putting on some favorite songs for an impromptu dance party over whiskey and lemonade."

MP3: In My Head

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