Wednesday, September 06, 2006

De Rosa

The long weekend was good but tiring and thanks to Michelle, yesterday's update of Boy Omega was really nice. I received a copy of the brand new Blowoff CD at my office today so searching new music was out of the question. When I got home from work I cranked up the stereo for a bit, then pretty much did a "spin the globe and stop it with a finger" music blog search. This was the first song I clicked on to play. Sometimes I get lucky and this was a good accidental find at chromewaves. The offbeat had me entranced right away and a restrained low key melody was soon to follow. The song never really explodes out of the slight tension that builds throughout and I'm glad for this. At 2 minutes and 55 seconds, it is a short track and probably could have been stretched out to the 4 minute mark without losing my attention. This is simply good music that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon.

De Rosa
is the experimental indie folk pop quartet of Martin Henry, James Woodside, Neil Woodside and Chris Connick. They are from Lanarkshire, Scotland and, regardless of some lineup changes, have been making music since 2000. The De Rosa website is not fully functional as it is being redesigned so you will need to visit the band's MySpace page for info, more great songs and a video. The last of their European tour dates supporting Mogwai are tonight in Bologna and tomorrow night in Rome. The debut full length release Mend is available through Chemikal Underground Records. If you are contemplating looking into this band further, the following quote from the De Rosa bio might push you in the right direction rather quickly...

"De Rosa's debut single ('Camera'/'All Saints Day') was released in July 2004, and quickly won the attention of John Peel and Steve Lamacq. Thus encouraged, the band immediately began working on their first album, 'Mend', spending more than a year in the Delgados' Chem19 studio (where Miller also works as a house producer). The good folk at Chemikal Underground couldn't help hearing what was going on down the hallway, and they promptly licensed a re-release of 'Camera' (backed this time with 'Amy's Song') and 'Mend', releasing them both in June 2006."

MP3: All Saints Day

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Courtney said...

The Blowoff album is great. Did you happen to see my review at 100 Records?