Tuesday, September 12, 2006


The extended Buffalo Tom weekend was splendid and thank you for the messages. That band was great so I decided to stick around the Northeast for a really nice up and coming band that caught my attention. The song featured here today is just lo-fi enough to make you feel the kick pedal rattling the bass drum mic, but at the same time has this nice finished retro feel to it. The track keeps a low key beginning with every breath also recorded as a wonderfully reckless boom sound. At right around the 2 minute mark this jumps into a fuzz rock melody you can't help but love. There is another song to download on the Shepherdess MySpace Page that is really good also. Michelle thought the other song sounded a bit like Magnapop while I heard some serious 20 year old Salem 66 overtones. You Boston folks might side with me but go check the song first. There is very little info I could find on this band but I will give you what I could locate.

are an unsigned Indie quartet from the historic Boston area of Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Members Hilken Mancini, Mike Savage, Emily Arkin and Winston Braman all seem to have various other bands they are involved in as well. In an effort to keep this brief, you will need to visit the above mentioned MySpace page to find out which folks are in what bands. There are also 2 more demo songs to download at at the Shepherdess Website. On September 26th they will be performing live music for Pipeline. They are also a part of the Guided By Voices Tribute Show scheduled for 11 November. Previously featured band on the group The Beatings will also be performing. The lineup is really nice for that event. This band is also great and a good example of why it is fun to do this whole music searching thing.

MP3: Upside

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Michelle said...

Noooo, it was the other song on their MySpace page that I thought sounded a bit Magnapop-ish - not quite sure who this one reminds me of. But I like it.