Friday, September 22, 2006


There are quite a few new people here, and just as an FYI for those who actually read this, I try to play straight up indie rock stuff on Fridays to kick off the weekend when possible. Sometimes I jump the gun and go for the guitars a day early but, for the most part, usually keep it in line. With that said, I only had to go as far as our MML friends list to find this really good band I have been meaning to feature for your review. Since there is little information on the band and I am not familiar with the Norwegian language, the writeup will be brief. By now, if you are listening (and are from the Midwestern US and enjoy a good dose of garage rock) you probably have quite the smile on your face right about now.

Palisades are the Stavanger, Norway rock quartet of Larsie, Sigbjørn, Lillebjørn and Erlend. I have no idea what the reviews say since, like I said, my Norwegian language skills are non-existent but I think they started making music in 2004? After looking over a local review I saw Dinosaur Jr. and the title of this song in the same sentence. I can hear that comparison towards the middle of the track but have my own take on this one. The first thought to cross my mind upon listening was early Uncle Tupelo (before the twang years...uggg.) but eventually it hit me like a bag of hammers. The guitar turns and song structure here sound very similar to legendary Minneapolis, Minnesota band The Magnolias. I love this even more now. Check out the Palisades MySpace Page to download two more songs and add them to your friends. They are currently unsigned but have a profile on a Norwegian music website that they use as an official band site for now. If you live in Norway you can purchase the 2006 debut self titled EP right here. If you live elsewhere, you will need to contact the band directly on MySpace. I am sure they would love to hear from you.

MP3: God Speed

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