Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Sheds

First of all, I am a 1.5 pack per day Newport menthol smoker so the fact that this band created an entire body of work based primarily on the subject of smoking cigarettes was enough to win me over. With the discovery of today's featured artists came, what I would consider, the most prolonged debate Michelle and I have ever had regarding which song to present here. Every song was fantastic and since mud wrestling is hardly an option via MSN messenger/webcam, we decided to flip a coin to settle on the music. I could have easily cheated, but instead held the quarter up for the cam to show my defeat. No loss at all really. This is a wonderful song that also mentions my favorite smoky treats. We will also post my lost choice "Do You Have a Marlboro" up as a bonus track so you can hear it. It's a close call but I'm sticking with my Marlboros..em, er... Newports.

The Sheds
are a self described experimental folk duo from Burlington, Kentucky. Cameron Cochran and Chris Haubner have only been making music since 2005 but have a ton of work done as a result. Some of the songs have the classic Ween humor with an underlying Belle & Sebastian tone, while others could be a graduate of the Stephin Merritt School of Song Structure if there ever was such a useful thing (there has to be somewhere.) You can visit The Sheds MySpace Page to read the official bio, get tour dates and most importantly hear a few more tracks. The big bonus here is if you go to The Sheds Website. There, in a refreshingly simple format, you can get to their download page where ALL SONGS ARE FREE. Sorry to yell at you, but these songs must be heard. The Sheds Quit Smoking is what to look for there. It was released just a week or so ago, but if you are trying to quit smoking these songs will not help you at all. This gets very high recommendations. Happy Saturday!

MP3: Between the Moon and Love
Bonus MP3: Do You Have a Marlboro?

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