Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Like Honey

I was originally going to omit the fact that these musicians are from Sweden all together in order to let you hear this sound and imagine it. I feature plenty of Swedish music here, but not knowing any better, would have guessed this to be an indie rock band from the Ohio Valley area or at least the Midwestern part of the US. They have that dry tank local feel I've tried to explain in previous write ups. Pay close attention to the guitars here... very good. I'll spare you another dose of my inane drivel regarding sound and geography and instead tell you that, in a few other songs I listened to, Like Honey remind me of Juliana Hatfield from her first solo effort Hey Babe. I consider this a very good thing. From a blog I read, the band moved into their new practice space at the beginning of the summer that turns out to be a shower area beneath a local Bakery. Gave me a laugh.

The indie rock five piece Like Honey started making music around 2003 in Malmo, Sweden. The song I have featured today is from their debut EP titled So Silent that is out of circulation. It was originally released on the great Swedish based label Hybris. They were actually the first band to sign on to that label and have another 2005 EP available for purchase through them. If you are outside of that country there are several new ways to get your hands on their music. In the US you will be able to visit and for other countries you will need to check the Like Honey MySpace for details. They have a video on MySpace also, but since I couldn't get it to work, I simply went and found them on YouTube. Here you go:

There are several more songs to download at the Like Honey website so hit them up. From more I read, they are working on new material, some of which is ready to record, so keep up to date with this one for sure.

MP3: November

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