Wednesday, September 27, 2006


When I first heard what would eventually become today's feature, the plan was to post it on a Saturday. This song is great great fun, but since I have quite the impatient streak in my blood, I think it just might work as a mid-week way to lighten things up here. There are moments where this track had me staring aimlessly through my second story window out onto the alley where my tiny apartment building is hidden; and other times where I found the need to groove around my flat spilling beer all over the place. In any case, I couldn't wait to get this song up here and on the MySpace group page. I listen to music from the bands while I am writing about them, and often come up with ridiculous comparisons as a result. Today will be no different as I enlist the jam session that would include They Might Be Giants, Architecture In Helsinki and Talking Heads (Stan Ridgeway sitting on the side tapping toes with arms folded). Um... well...I can picture it anyway. Joking aside, this is really great stuff that might have you out of your seat for a frivolous twirl around the living room. I'll admit I did it.

is the experimental psychedelic quartet of Eliot Krimsky, Sara Magenheimer, Eben Portnoy and Mike Johnson. They are from Brooklyn, New York and, from what I read, have been playing around the Northeastern US for almost two years supporting the likes of Deerhoof and some other bands I wasn't as familiar with. The band recently released a full length CD titled Just-One-Second-Ago-Broken Eggshell through the MillPond Records label. There is also a Millpond MySpace page for more good music. The best link for downloads would be the Flying MySpace page and you can also visit the official Flying website for more info. The band will be performing at the Cakeshop in NYC this Friday 9/29 with a few other acts. Before I forget, there is also a really tripped out YouTube video for the song Pond Life. Have fun with this one.

MP3: Minors

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