Friday, September 08, 2006

Favourite Sons

It's the end of the week and time to feature some really good indie rock to kick off what should be a good weekend (weather wise) here in the Buckeye State. I was doing the Friday "rock out" on a regular basis for a while, but my brain gets sidetracked easily these days, so this is my attempt to revive it. Today's feature is definitely a good find that reminds me quite a bit of some of the regional Midwestern rust belt rock bands I love so much. Cleveland, Ohio comes to mind with this sound and there is another song I heard on the Favourite Sons MySpace page that could easily double as a lost Cobra Verde track. I had the fortune of being able to hear more music online from these guys last night and if you get your hands on the new release let me make a quick suggestion. Go to your local grocery store and purchase a $12.99 bottle of Luna Di Luna Merlot/Cabernet for the listen... and don't even think about drinking it out of a wine (or any) glass. You'll have purple teeth on your big smile just as I did. This band is great.

There is a history to the 5 members of Brooklyn, New York band Favourite Sons and I will try to give a brief description for you as follows... Ken Griffin, who is singer / songwriter for today's featured band, once held the same responsibilities for early to mid 90's classic act Rollerskate Skinny from Dublin, Ireland. (just as a side note, Rollerskate Skinny's lineup, at one point, also included guitarist Jim Shields, brother of My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields) Ken moved to NYC and kept writing music while the remaining 4 members of what would eventually become Favourite Sons were still part of their previous JAGJAGUWAR band Aspera in nearby Philadelphia, PA. Eventually, The Aspera gang parted ways with their vocalist and relocated to NYC also. They found Ken and now here we are today with some really great music as a result. The debut full length CD titled Down Beside Your Beauty will be released next Tuesday, Sept 12th, through the band's label Vice Records. Unfortunately, the Favourite Sons website is a work in progress but the above mentioned MySpace is good to go. I almost forgot... Favourite Sons will be playing a live Sound Fix Records "in store" performance on the release date Sept 12 @ 8pm. If you are close, check it out!

MP3: Hang On Girl

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