Friday, September 15, 2006


This might be a first for MML and the MySpace group and is a very cool thing. If you've been visiting here for any amount of time, you'll realize my slight penchant for finding and featuring musicians from plenty of countries on all continents. I'll stay in Europe for today to bring you some great Italian indie rock. Before searching around MySpace a while back, I had no idea there were a few really nice music scenes happening in various Italian cities but I am now finding them. I've wanted to feature this song for a while and finally figured today would be as good a time as any. At one point while today's featured track was playing on my laptop, I was almost certain I was listening to the guitars of an early Yo La Tengo song from their Electr-O-Pura release. I still can't put my finger on the exact song. Inside the percussion of this one is a re-timing of the beat at most every turn which might lead you to believe the MP3 is skipping, but it is very purposeful and a nice tense addition to the sound... Bravissimo!

The power trio Mersenne from Bologna, Italy is comprised of lead vocalist and guitarist Leo Borrelli, bassist Emiliano Colomasi and Cristiano Delfino on drums. They started the band in 2003 and have since recorded their debut release at the Alpha Dept. studio which is also in Bologna. Visit the Alpha Dept. Myspace for more also. This new full length CD is titled Stolen Dresses and will be available on 16th October through the Urtovox label (& promotion). Of course Urtovox is on MySpace as well. Since the Mersenne website is currently under construction, mention will need to be made that the Mersenne MySpace has more songs which are just as good as this one. This band is highly recommended.

MP3: There's A Place

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