Monday, September 11, 2006

MML on MySpace, and More Buffalo Tom...

Like just about everyone we know except for our respective mothers (shh, don't give them ideas...), we at MML inhabit our own little corner of the parallel universe that is MySpace. You should come over and say hello sometime - we'd love to hear from our regular readers... and not-so-regular readers... and anyone who's passing through, in fact! And while you're there, send us a friend request - we're friendly sorts and could always use some more. You'll be in good company - if you have a browse through our friends you'll find every one of the bands featured on here (and more) and might find you want to add a load of them too.

Look, we've even made a clickable banner type thing... go on, click it!

Oh, and today's featured song is, as promised, a mind-blowingly good cover version. Following on from Buffalo Tom's classic Birdbrain yesterday, we have their take on My Bloody Valentine's Cupid Come for you today. It was originaly released in 1998 as the B side of the single Wiser in the UK and was eventually re-released on the 2002 Besides CD. Bassist Chris Colbourn had the perfect voice to cover this classic that might just send you out of your chair if you haven't heard it yet. Wow.

We hope the weekend was a good one... we're still recovering from ours on both sides of the Atlantic. Happy Monday, everyone.

Casey & Michelle


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Anonymous said...

The MBV cover is just ridiculously fucking good.