Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Zebras

Tomorrow is a big sports day here in Columbus since our college football team is ranked No. 1 in the nation and taking on the second ranked team Texas (boooo!!) I honestly couldn't care less about sports but will give my prediction in much the same way someone would purchase a lottery ticket. OSU 27---Texas 21. My neighborhood will be flooded with drunken idiots so I will probably stay indoors or hop around the corner to a lesser known alley pub to watch. Enough with that. I have some new friends in the music blog community and like to take every chance I can to mention them. Duane runs a cool little corner of the blogosphere in Snowglobe-Universe. I found today's feature there front and center and suggest you pay a visit in that direction. I hardly feature enough from the Australian music scene and there are at least 50-75 Aussie bands in our MySpace group.

The song featured here today is professionally crisp and acoustic pop clean without coming off as clinical. Sometimes you get all the more enjoyment out of a simply-done song that needs no bells or whistles. Before I quote the brief band bio I will tell you that there are more downloadable tracks at The Zebras MySpace. They are currently working on an official website also. You will need to contact The Zebras directly to get your hands on these great songs. Don't be shy... I'm sure they would love to hear from you. Oh yeah, almost forgot the entertaining band bio:

"The Zebras were formed on the cusp of the millennium in an attempt to counter a frightening trend. The wonderful Brisbane tradition of combining melody based song writing and mediocre technical skill was fast being replaced by slick operators who could play far too well. The Zebras deep distrust of those with quality equipment was for the best, as it seemed that there was still a strong demand for a subtle blending of the two minute guitar-pop song and the three minute guitar-pop song. Also, they are Queenslanders, which is exotic in a sort of tropical disease sense."

MP3: You Look Ready

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