Thursday, September 28, 2006

Dana Falconberry

I'll keep the personal banter to a minimum for the writeup today, but will need to say something about names that bands come up with first. Whenever I search for music and see any variation of the words Wolf or Bear in either the song title or band name, I immediately skip over it as though I was avoiding some new folky emo trend. I'm really not trying to slam anyone, but if you go to Hype Machine and search by either keyword you will be astounded at how many come up. I only mention this since today's featured artist contributes her beautiful voice to the music of the band Peter and The Wolf. I might have to eat my words, then go back and listen to this MP3 blog favorite after all. Today's featured song is hopefully well on it's way through your computer speakers by now. If so, you can probably hear the wonderfully aged and slightly distressed soul behind this voice. Sometimes the warmth of sadness can far outweigh traditional vocal talent. In this case there is an equal balance that can be explained in a quote from the bio regarding the song Sadie.

"The song is a portrait of a farmer who's lost his wife. He's left in the fields and can't see anything but rolling hills. He still farms everyday, so he's stuck doing the things he used to do with her, thinking about her, unable to get over her. I wanted a rolling flavor to the music, a kind of spooky, lost feeling."

Dana Falconberry
grew up in the northeastern US state of Michigan where she studied ballet and modern dance for most of her childhood. She moved south to Arkansas for college at age 18 and eventually ended up in the historical music town of Austin, Texas. Dana made an appearance at SXSW 2006 and continues to perform at local venues in support of her new 6 song EP titled Paper Sailboat. You can find out where to buy this gem at the Dana Falconberry MySpace Page and also read a more complete bio at the newly created official website. There is also a great writeup and podcast including Dana reading Tom Sawyer at the online Italian music magazine Indie-Eye that can easily be switched to English translation. I read the MySpace blog and have the musical credits for this song as well.

Dana Falconberry - vocals

Michael Longoria - drums and vibes

Brian Beattie - bass

Patty Griffin - piano

Eamon Mcgloughlin - viola

Bonnie Whitmore - cello

Eleanore Whitmore - violin

MP3: Sadie

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