Friday, September 29, 2006

No Wait Wait

Once again, Friday is here and I have a really good indie rock band to send us into the weekend. I was just a bit more excited than usual since these artists are based in Minnesota, but caught a surprise when I learned they were not from the Twin Cities. I suppose I shouldn't assume that every MN band is from that part of the state ah? There actually is a music scene in northern Minnesota and I am finding it now that l've been poking around a bit on the internet. How could I help but look after being so impressed with the sound you are hopefully hearing now. I will need to spend more time sourcing musicians from that area for sure. Any suggestions are very welcomed here, but please know that we featured the band Low last year in November. Please also note that these pictures show 5 members while they are currently listed as a 4 piece. I'm not sure what to make of that story so any information would be much appreciated.

No Wait Wait
is the indie rock quartet of Marc Gartman (vocals, guitar), Russell Sackett (vocals, keyboards), Steve Garrington (bass) and Eric Pollard (vocals, drums) from Duluth, Minnesota. The second release from this band is titled About You and just came out 2 weeks ago on their very cool label Chairkickers Union Music. As I understand it, the second part of their extended record release party will be held tonight 9/29 at 400 Bar with local Minneapolis band Aviette who are also celebrating a new release. To hear more music, your first stop should be the No Wait Wait MySpace page. Add them to the friends list while you're at it. After listening there, you can download more music and purchase the self titled debut release directly from the band at the No Wait Wait website. There are also some old split single 45s available for a mere $5 USD. They have NWW t-shirts as well. Enjoy!!

MP3: Don't Give Up (On Your Man)

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